July 30, 2020

NLP is the best painting subcontractor I have ever used for all types of commercial projects. I have been using them since 1979 because of their professionalism.

Mark McDaniel, Paul Blick, Greg Blick, and BJ Casserly built a strong long-lasting relationship over the many years of working together. Talmer Curry who runs their field operations knows how to get a job finished and painted better than anyone else in the business. These are the guys I can reach out to if I ever have a problem on a project or need their expert advice and help to get a project completed. Most important, NLP has the manpower to get the project finished no matter its size or scope.

I can always discuss all aspects of their scope of work as it relates to the painting operation for the project with their chief estimators Dave Wickham and Jack Mason. These two gentlemen really know their business and industry.

I think everyone is an owner at NLP because they all act like they own a part of the company and can make decisions on the spot. The best part about NLP is that they all make it fun when you’re working with them on any project.